The 10 Most Affordable Countries for Kiwi’s To Visit

Here’s a tip, travel on a Tuesday and book 3 months in advance. Travelling on a Tuesday is up to 12% cheaper compared to a Friday, so if you can swing it with work obligations you can cut a massive amount of cash off your booking fees. This info comes to us from Nathan Graham, Regional Sales Manager at Cheapflights ANZ and the 2017 Cheapflights Compass report.

The report revealed the most popular and affordable hot spots for local travel lovers, along with the best ways to save this year.

Conducted by, this, the second annual Cheapflights Compass, analysed over 2.9 million searches to uncover how Kiwis can save time and money when booking their next trip to Asia Pacific.

The leading global flight search and travel deals platform found flights to the Asia Pacific region are seven per cent cheaper year-on-year.

Here, Tonga ($640), Cook Islands ($657), Fiji ($718) and Samoa ($868) are the most affordable destinations – offering locals savings of $98, $240, $135 and $114 year-on-year for average return airfares respectively. Fiji retained its #3 popularity ranking, with India, Thailand and Indonesia also maintaining top spots.

Top 10 Most Affordable Countries

1. Tonga $640

2. Cook Islands $657

3. Fiji $718

4. Samoa $754

5. Vanuatu $830

6. New Caledonia $857

7. Indonesia $900

8. Malaysia $924

9. Singapore $988

10. China & Thailand $1,027

Nathan Graham, said:“Return airfares to the top 10 most popular countries average $923, while flights to destinations ranking 11 to 20 in popularity are more than $1,450 on average.

“Our research highlighted great opportunities for savvy locals to save while exploring both easy-to-reach and culturally rich destinations. For example, flying to Denpasar-Bali instead Jakarta in Indonesia can save $188 on average, choosing Nadi over Suva will get you $164 back, and skipping Ko Samui ($1,385) to start your Thailand adventure in Phuket could mean an extra $300 in spending money.”

The Cheapflights Compass report also revealed that no matter the destination, the day of the week travellers choose to search increasingly has very little effect on airfares (prices vary by less than three per cent across the week). Departure day and the pre-book period both have a much bigger impact on price.

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