The 10 Best Mind Bending Movies of all Time

The usual churn of summer blockbusters usually leave us with a mess of CGI and barely passable scripts about superheroes trudging towards the inevitable boss fight. There’s something comforting about this tried and true method. It’s this comfort that kept things like FRIENDS and How I Met Your Mother around. It’s security blanket entertainment.

But sometimes we want to be engaged by a story so smart that we’re left wondering, “Hang on, but what’s the answer??” These mind bending films throw away our security blanket and make us sit up and pay attention. These movies have plot twists and ambiguous endings that leave us theorizing with our friends years after the movies release.

We’ve collated a list of some of the best mind benders ranked by their IMDB scores. Check them out!

Inception – 8.8

Dreams inside dreams. This movie single-handedly ruined how people used the word “Inception”.

The Usual Suspects – 8.7

A lone survivor tells his story about how he ended up in a gory gunbattle. Neo-noir mystery at it’s best.

Se7en – 8.7

Who’s the killer? What’s in the box? Se7en is a dark and broody film, but ultimately worth it.

Memento – 8.5

A movie that runs backwards through time? Sure you could watch it scene for scene backwards to see it forwards in time, but that’s just cheating.

The Prestige – 8.5

Who can forget this movie about two dueling magicians, and the lengths they’ll go to pull of the ultimate magic trick.

Oldboy – 8.4

There’s a western remake of the movie, but if you have any class you’ll watch the original where it all started.

Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind – 8.4

Your mind is a weird place, but relationships can be even weirder. And that’s okay.

Requiem for a Dream – 8.4

A parable about happiness and a woman beautifying herself for the world of television. That sentence does this movie 0 justice.

2001: A Space Odyssey – 8.3

One of the trippiest endings to a movie I’ve ever seen. I’ll never see a fetus in the same way ever again.

Blade Runner – 8.2

Blade Runner has so many cuts and edits it’s hard to know where to start. But if you were planning on watching the sequel Bladerunner 2049 then you’ll want to watch The Final Cut (2007) version, which is Ridley Scott’s preferred cut of the movie.

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