These Are The 10 Hottest Women According To Ancient Greek Mathematicians

Those Greeks must have really been onto something using φ (Phi) otherwise known as the Golden ratio.

Dr. Julian de Silva with The Centre for Advanced Facial Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery has gotten back to basics and used Phi and facial mapping on well known celebrities to see who’s features match the golden ratio the closest.

“With this ground-breaking technology, we have solved some of the mysteries of what it is that makes someone physically beautiful,” he said. “The results were startling and showed several famous actresses and models have facial features that come close to the ancient Greek principles for perfection.”

Amber Heard tops the list at 91.85%, a near perfect score! Marilyn Monroe, the classic bombshell comes in at #9 with 89.41%.

There’s not a lot we can do with this information but marvel at those who top the charts, but Dr. Silva is hoping to use it to make subtle cosmetic suggestions to clients.


1. Amber Heard 91.85%amber-heard-flickr

2. Kim Kardashian 91.39%Kim Kardashian hot

3. Kate Moss 91.06%Kate Moss

4. Emily Ratajkowski 90.8%Emily Ratajowski

5. Kendall Jenner 90.18%Kendal Jenner

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