Hands on With the New 3SIXT Bluetooth Studio Earbuds

I got a chance to play with the New 3SIXT Bluetooth Studio Earbuds recently and I have mixed feelings about them. I’m not a big fan of in-ear headphones, I find their construction these days a little invasive. With that said, jamming a piece of rubber right up your ear canal does have the benefit of having a secure fit.

Out of the box the earbuds come in a circular zip up container, with a bit of netting in the roof to ferret away the bevy of extra Gel Ear Buds and Ear Clips it comes with. If you were ever worried about getting a bud that was the wrong shape for you preference, or losing one by mistake, then this is perfect as you have a packet of backups to slot on.

Charging wise it comes with a micro usb port hidden on one of the buds and a short usb chord to plug it in with. It carries five hours of charge, and using it on and off for a week on one charge was perfectly fine for me.

It runs on Bluetooth 4.1 and has a range of 10 metres. I’ve had issues in the past with bluetooth cutting out in my pocket, but the 3SIXT had no issues in that department. It also has CVC6.0 noise cancellation technology.

Connecting to my phone was seamless and easy after the initial setup. The buds are magnetised, and snipping them together turns them off and pauses the music. This made me feel especially cool when people would break me from my listening revery.

3SIXT Magnetic BT M777 1 LR

The volume controller on the wire that connects the two buds has a bunch of different multi-uses built in. Holding down the volume will skip to the next song, and it also has a bunch of commands for starting and ending calls.

The build is solid and weighty, which I liked. When you have them on you can quickly forget they’re sitting in your ears.

However my major problem with the buds is their complete lack of bass which makes music come out sounding completely tinny. I’m not sure if I’m doing something wrong or not, but this is generally what I’ve come to expect from in-ear’s. It’s a major sacrifice to make but it’s worth it for its lack of wires and handy “anytime, anywhere” style.

RRP: NZ$79.99

Stockists: Tech2Go and Relay (Airports); Noel Leeming, Harvey Norman, Oobe, PB Technologies, Spark, Smiths City and Mighty Ape.

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