4 Bizarre Things That Will Weirdly Make You Happy According to Science

A lot of these seem to be counter intuitive to being happy, but according to a variety of studies, they actually have the opposite effect of what you expect!

1. Getting Into Fights

Fighting it seems, is just as rewarding as sex, which explains a lot of our fascination for blood sports and youtube videos of people getting beaten up by Elk.

The study which was put out in 2008 by the Vanderbilt University and found that the “reward pathways” in your brain are fired off when you become engaged in an aggressive event. This is so we feel good about protecting our territory and securing important resources back in our heyday as cavemen.

2. Taking Public Transport

If it ever actually turns up the bus is a lot more relaxing and enjoyable than driving your car. Lets face it, you’re dealing with a ton of assholes on the road, but when you’re on the bus you’re leaving that to the bus driver, and you’re off reading a book or catching up on Facebook.

The UEA Norwich Medical School did a test to see if it was true. “You might think that things like disruption to services or crowds of commuters might have been a cause of considerable stress.” lead researcher Adam Martin told The Telegraph “But as buses or trains also give people time to relax, read, socialise, and there is usually an associated walk to the bus stop or railway station, it appears to cheer people up.”

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