9 Pieces of Tech You Need Right Now

Getting a new phone is only half the battle. Now that you’ve invited your new child into your home it’s time to get all the extra bells and whistles.

Find the balance of looking different, and getting tech that tailors to your unique lifestyle with Belkin who helped M2 with our tech shoot in the latest issue.

We’ve pulled together fast chargers to get you back on the go quicker as well as cases that make your phone at least an inch thicker but are still a total must have.

On top of that you definitely need a leather strap for your Apple Watch to make you stand out from the crowd.

I’ve you’ve fully committed to the apple ecosystem then the Charge Dock for Apple Watch + iPhone is an all-in-one option that looks pretty cool at the same time. A small arm extends from the charging dock, and it’s here that you place your Apple Watch for charging at the same time as your iPhone.


1. Belkin Mixit DuraTek™ Lightning to USB Cable, RRP $49.95

2. Belkin Lightning Audio + Charge RockStar™, RRP $69.95

3. Belkin Air Protect™ SheerForce™ Case for iPhone 7, RRP $39.95

4. Belkin MIXIT↑™ Lightning ChargeSync Dock, RRP $49.95


5. Belkin PowerHouse™ Charge Dock for Apple Watch + iPhone, RRP $159.95

6. Belkin Classic Leather Band for Apple Watch, RRP $84.95

7. Belkin Sport Band for Apple Watch, RRP $74.95

8. Belkin RockStar for iPod and MP3 Players, RRP $24.95

9. Belkin Family RockStar™ 4-Port USB Charger, RRP $94.95

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