Take This Quiz To Find Out Where you Should Go For Your Next Big OE

Airbnb has decided that you need a little more direction in your life. To help find that direction they’ve put together a Trip Matcher Quiz that helps you match your personality with destinations, unique homes and listings, and its recently launched Experiences.

You can either do the quiz above or click through to their Trip Matcher site to identify your travel personality and match it with a curated itinerary.

Much like us, each destination has its own personality. Some seem to fit us better than others. Sometimes we get home, drop our bags and say ‘that place really got me.’ Other times we feel like a stranger as soon as we land.

Worried your wanderlust is too quirky? Fear not. There’s an experience for every personality type. From the ‘Time Traveller,’ wondering if you were born in the wrong era to the ‘The Artiste,’ with a unique penchant for ‘all the aesthetics’ or ‘The Change Agent,’ waiting for the next chance to be the change, Airbnb has you covered.

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