Andrew Little Falls On Sword, Jacinda Ardern Takes Over as Labour Leader

Today Andrew Little stood down as leader of the Labour party, leaving his second in command, deputy leader Jacinda Ardern in the top spot. Only yesterday Labour was pushing ads that featured Andrew Little, and the announcement comes somewhat as a surprise, although a much needed one.

This comes after dismal polling results for Labour’s campaign, and may be exactly what the party needs to bring some excitement back to the left. Jacinda Ardern, MP for Mt Albert, has been elected unopposed as the new Leader of the Labour Party. Kelvin Davis, MP for Te Tai Tokerau, was elected to the position of Deputy Leader, also unopposed.

“The decision was taken at the Labour Party Caucus meeting today, following Andrew Little’s decision to step aside from the leadership.” said an advisory release about the sudden change.

“The circumstances may not be what Labour has planned for this campaign, but that has not weakened my resolve or focus.” Ardern said. Before this announcement it was looking like another trampling of Labour, despite Nationals recent slide due to Bill English taking over as leader.

The question now is whether Ardern has enough time to turn the beleaguered party around in time for the election. If Andrew Little had taken the fall for a loss in the next election it would leave Ardern unsoiled by the defeat to go onto a stronger turnout in the election after. This would have meant a longer play for Labour but perhaps a stronger result.

Ardern is more than aware of the task that lies ahead of her. “I will use the next 72 hours to reflect and take stock of the campaign plan, and additional policy announcements I would like to add to our programme.” Ardern Continued. “You will hear more from myself and the team on this in the future, but you will have no doubt over the agenda Labour is presenting this election. We will be positive, organised and ready.”



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