Grizz Dog

Auckland Airport Dog Shot After Delaying Flights

Let it be known that airport employees can be shot to death if they go running around on the airfield for 3 hours. Grizz, a border collie and german shorthair pointer cross Aviation Security Service dog got loose from his handler at about 4am this morning after being spooked. Ground staff attempted to catch the dog but to no avail. 16 domestic and international flights were delayed during that time.

As a last resort the police were called to handle the situation by putting the dog down. The airport does have a member of staff who’s in charge of shooting birds, but they weren’t available at the time, probably due to the fact they sleep at the same time as the birds. According to reports, the dog wasn’t on the tarmac when it was shot.

Grizz’s handler is apparently “devastated” by the loss.

Confusingly Auckland Airport tweeted that the dog had been caught. They didn’t mention till an hour later that it was in fact the dog that caught a bullet that resolved the situation.

People on social media are asking why a tranquiliser wasn’t used, or professionals weren’t called instead of the police. Hillary Barry on Breakfast this morning asked “Do they not have a tranquilizer gun?”

To which the answer is “I guess not”.

A review is now underway to discover the exact cause of why Grizz bolted and whether training of the dogs needs to be amended.

In a press release Police stated that “This is not an outcome which anyone wanted, and police were only asked to be involved as a last resort.”

Dogs undergo 10 weeks of training and graduate from the Police Dog Training Centre as ‘Operational’. Dogs taken into the program needed to be happy and friendly individuals with no hints of aggression.

The debacle will no doubt be a public relations disaster for Auckland Airport, but it’s going to be hard for people to boycott the airport.

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