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Four NZ Comedies Worth Watching on WatchMe

I’ve already reviewed a bunch of my top picks of things to watch on the NZ comedy site WatchMe, but I figured I’ll do a wrap up of all the rest of the content on there, as there’s a little something for everyone.

Waiheke Republique

Waiheke Republique

In a world that’s totally similiar to this one, Waiheke secedes from the mainland to create its own nation. I’ve spent a decent amount of time on Waiheke, and I’m not sure whether this is a comedy show or a wet-dream turned reality for the locals. Donovan Hope, the president(?) of Waiheke suddenly dies shortly after the successful uprising and the mantle quickly falls to Tammy Duckworth, a woman who has no experience in leading anything, let alone a new nation state. The usual band of Waiheke oddballs act as her accomplices.

Late Night Big Breakfast


I’ll take Leigh Hart and Jason Hoyte wherever I can find them, which is why they’ve put out a restraining order on me. Before their content got hosted by WatchMe you’d have to dig around old Youtube accounts to find any of their stuff. Fortunately now you can get the ridiculiously great Late Night Big BreakfastIt’s a lifestyle TV spattered with mock-infomercials and a lineup of befuddled guests who have no idea what’s going on. Episodes run about 15 minutes each, and they’re all gold.

Berry: Voice Over Artist Extraordinaire

Berry voice actor

Berry, as the title implies, is a voice over artist who must continually put up with drop kick directors and his producer. In the first episode he has to balance the fact the director is cluelessly making him voice act a script for a kids show that sounds more like a porno. The first episode starts strong but I would skip the second as it recycles the same gags. Episodes five and six end on a much higher note. Each episode is about 5 minutes.



Intern deals with the new breed of employees, hungry graduates getting thrown into the deep end with no security of having a job at the end of it. The six two minute clips follow Ellie as she navigates her way through ZM. This won’t be easy though as the hosts hate her and taking calls terrify her. Along the way she gets introduced to the hard drugs that keep the industry ticking, like coffee.

You can see all those on the official Watchme site, and you can keep up with the new shows coming out on their Facebook page.

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