Here Are The Celebrities Most People Would Want to Hang Out With

If you could hang out with any of these celebrities, which would you choose and what would you do? I know it’s a girly question to ask but it’s 10am on a Thursday morning, I’ll get into writing about assassinations and nukes later.

8,400 adults from 28 countries were polled by on who they’d hang out with and what they’d do.

Sin City is the place we’d most want to take our favorite stars, but it seems we’re more interested in shopping than showing off. Over a third admitted they’d rather be taken on an all-expenses-paid shopping spree (34%), than attend awards events (29%) or go on a private jet (29%) with a celeb pal. We’d have no selfie shame though, as over a quarter of us (28%) would demand constant selfies!

Hang out with Hanks

Beloved actor Tom Hanks (32%) was named the top male celebrity travel companion in the survey, but we’d also love to vacation with Jennifer Aniston (29%), Georgy Clooney (24%), Denzel Washington (22%) and Morgan Freeman (21%).

Personally it all depends on what you want to do. I feel like if you want to be let into some clubs you should be hanging out with Justin Timberlake, but if you were interested in more culture stuff you’d be hanging with Tom Hanks. Same goes for Selena Gomez and Aniston respectively. I probably wouldn’t go near DeGeneres, should make us dress up in onesies or something.

The Real Friends Experience
The nation’s sweetheart Jennifer Aniston (29%) topped the female travel buddy chart, with many probably hoping she’d take them to her usual Cabo San Lucas hangouts. Travelers would also love to check-in to a vacay hotspot with Jennifer Lopez (20%), Ellen DeGeneres (19%), Selena Gomez (14%) and Beyoncé (13%).

Top 5 FEMALE celebrities to spend a vacation with Top 5 MALE celebrities to spend a vacation with
1. Jennifer Aniston – 29% 1. Tom Hanks – 32%
2. Jennifer Lopez –  20% 2. George Clooney – 24%
3. Ellen DeGeneres – 19% 3. Denzel Washington – 22%
4. Selena Gomez – 14% 4. Morgan Freeman – 21%
5. Beyoncé – 13% 5. Justin Timberlake – 19%

Keeping away from the Kardashians

While the Kardashians appear to be on a constant vacation, it seems not many Americans actually want to tag along with them. Politics aside, after Trump and Clinton, the Kardashians (36%) and Kanye West (38%) were revealed as the least popular travel companions.

Catch the Award Nominees
With the awards season underway, travelers can also keep an eye out for their favorite nominees. Ryan Gosling (12%) and Denzel Washington (22%), nominated for awards, made the list of top celebrities to spend a vacation with. If you’re planning to catch your favorite celebs on the red carpet in person, here are some hotel suggestions to help create the ultimate celebrity vacation in Los Angeles, Viceroy L’Ermitage, Sunset Tower Hotel and The Hollywood Roosevelt.

Bright Lights and Beaches
We’d most like to whisk our favorite celebrity away for a week of fun in Las Vegas (27%), but many Americans also dream of flying abroad. A quarter want to experience the culture of Paris (27%) and London (24%) with their beloved celebrity, or relax on the exotic beaches of The Caribbean (24%) or Greece (23%).

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