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These Are the Best r/Place Alternatives

It’s been a wild ride, but after three short days the fun is finally over. Or is it? While Reddit’s April Fools experiment may have come to a conclusion, it’s definitely got a ton of devs with nothing better to do a great idea.


Pxls.space is so far the best option for anyone wanting the authentic experience of r/place. It even has a subreddit and a discord. The countdown timer goes for 3 minutes. At the time of this writing the userbase is fluctuating between 700 and 1000 active users pixeling it up.

The first finished piece was recently completed, and it’s Red from Pokemon Blue & Red.

The void has an early headstart, and the Rainbow road has gotten well underway. Other than that it’s still a wild west of white space waiting to be colonised. If you got in late last time this is your opportunity to get a headstart.

Although just as likely, the hype that r/place created will never be completely replicated. Lightening never hits the same spot twice. But maybe, just maybe in this case it will.

Notable limitations is the fact you can’t see who dropped individual pixels, this is because pixel placement isn’t tied to Reddit accounts. Also the servers are a little shonky due to the load. However it does have pretty nifty zooming, which is a bonus.


PlaceTwo is what it says on the box. It doesn’t work well for me however, and the userbase isn’t that strong.


Notably Colorthis.space started off exactly where r/place finished. So if you were keen to continue the wars of yesteryear, this is where you should do it.

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