Bill Gates Lists The Three Jobs He Would Drop out of College For Now

Way back in 1975 Bill Gates dropped out of Harvard because he had a nice new promising project going called Microsoft, producing the operating system Windows. As of January 2017 he was worth US$85.2 billion. But times have changed since 1975, and dropping out in 2017 to go and make an operating system may not be a wise choice. So where’s the promising money and career choices at now?

In a talk at Columbia University Bill Gates and Warren Buffet talked about our generations hope for the future. This covered things such as climate change and the Trump administration, because you can’t talk about anything anymore without talking about Trump.

One question Bill was asked however would be of interest to those with the right mind for it. Which jobs would he drop out of school for these days? (The question starts at the 37 minute mark for those that don’t want to read.)

Artificial Intelligence

He name dropped the Google DeepMind guys who have managed to create an AI that can play and beat a Go champion. Go is a game thought to be impossible for a machine to beat a human at.

“That technology is in all the leading companies… Anything connected with that would be an exciting lifetime career.”

Energy Sector

“We have the imperative to make energy reliable, cheap, and clean. No system today can provide that… Any innovation there would be profound.”


“We’re going to figure out Obesity, cancer. Even things that are very hard, like depression.” He also points to platform technologies such as DNA vaccines, which could open up so many new routes of innovations in a single go.

Buffet chipped in with his own advice on the matter, if he got to start over. “Look for the job you’d want if you didn’t need a job.”

And for many of us, that should be what we’re aiming for over things like money.

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