Welcome to What Will Become the Largest Hub For BMW In New Zealand

BMWs are renowned the world over for being Ultimate Driving Machines. These precision built German automobiles boast luxury, versatility and sports car handling and under the Continental Cars moniker (formerly Jerry Clayton BMW) they have been part of the fabric of Auckland’s North Shore since 1990.

From the very familiar Lake Road facility in Takapuna; the award winning sales and service team have been diligently tending to their customers’ pride and joy and providing enviable levels of care and attention for nigh on three decades, all while being very community minded. With a showroom full of the latest German engineered vehicles and a vast portfolio of not-for-profit neighbourhood initiatives to shout about – it’s a real case of thinking globally while acting locally.

The global thinking is also evident in the recent rebranding to Continental Cars BMW. Not only do Continental Cars add extra dimensions to the North Shore BMW dealership in terms of group-might and support but it also brings with it 50 years of experience within the New Zealand prestigious automotive market – it’s a very elite group to belong to.

The name change to Continental Cars BMW and the rapid growth of the brand, has also prompted another more physical move – to a state-of-the-art four-level facility currently under construction in Wairau Road. When completed in early 2018, this world-class facility will be crowned the largest BMW dealership in New Zealand and will offer uncompromised levels of service (and parking!) for customers. Aside from having the room to display the extensive range of cars and SUVs, they will be able to showcase the specialised areas of the brand and allow the dealership to keep ahead of the curve in terms of what BMW has to offer. This new ‘home’ will undoubtedly serve as a popular venue for new car launches and many interactive events and in-turn become a place that BMW owners visit.


In the meantime, the ever friendly team will be more than delighted to see you in Takapuna on the North Shore; where they will continue to bring you up-to-speed with all the new models or talk about the Alpine xDrive experience, Track days, the ASB Tennis, the Golf or simply book your car in to meet their BMW-accredited technicians for its annual pamper.

The name may have changed but rest assured that the improvements are all customer focussed and specifically devised to ensure that they get the FULL BMW experience – on that you can be sure!

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