Boundary Road Has Finally Brought Back Its Chocolate Moose Chocolate Porter

Out of the Hunua Ranges, a moose has been spotted. Albeit it’s a chocolate moose in the form of a porter. Ok it’s really just a porter called Chocolate Moose Chocolate Porter. I was trying to be clever and it didn’t work.

The public asked, and Boundary Road Brewery delivered. Following a multitude of pleading requests from BRB fans around the country, BRB has brought back the much-loved Chocolate Moose Chocolate Porter.

Chocolate Moose was previously part of BRB’s The Originals Range and when packaging changed late last year, it started drying up on shelves.

“As soon as the last of the Chocolate Moose 6-packs were leaving store shelves, we had people emailing and Facebook messaging us asking where it had gone and whether we were bringing it back. We were overwhelmed by people’s love of Chocolate Moose, so after a few months of requests we decided we’d better bring back the Moose and keep everyone happy,” says BRB Senior Brand Manager Andy Havill.

Chocolate Moose is a modern twist on a traditional style of Porter beer. It has aromas of chocolate and is a sweeter, full-bodied beer offset with a mild bitterness. Trevor Rollinson, head brewer at BRB, felt the rightful place for Chocolate Moose upon its return should be the BRB Brewer’s Cut range.

“This is a range of beers that are brewed in smaller batches and are bolder and more complex in flavour. Chocolate Moose has been upsized from a 330ml to a 500ml bottle and the ABV has been pushed up to 5.5% to really allow the silky smooth chocolate flavours to shine through.” says Trevor.

The Brewer’s Cut range are a fun collection of beers the BRB guys developed to push your tastebuds. They’re made for the more adventurous types and may not be applicable to safe beer drinkers who need something quick and sessionable.

BRB Chocolate Moose is available now in 500ml bottles (RRP $5.99) in all leading supermarkets and liquor outlets.

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