Get a Matching Super Yacht with your Bugatti Chiron

Meet the Bugatti Niniette 66, a superyacht for the super rich designed by Palmer Johnson.

The 6.5×20 metre long sports yacht has a carbon composite and a max speed of 44 knots and all the mod cons and amenities that everyone should enjoy while cruising the bay, such as a fireplace and spa.

Bugatti+Niniette+66 interior exterior (4)

The designers tout it’s shallow draft, making it perfect for cruising the caribbean. The super slim hull provides higher speeds with lower input power and fuel burn. Side sponsons offer additional vessel beam and increased stability at rest.

While the top deck with its spa and champagne bar is luxurious enough, the interior steps things up a notch with wide hand crafted sweeps and curves.

Bugatti+Niniette+66 interior exterior (5)

While everyone’s partying in the spa, whoevers driving don’t need to worry about being left out of the luxury action, with a top of the line console to work with.


The entire design oozes polished modernism and sumptuous comfort. The interior lounge pays subtle tribute to Bugatti’s automotive heritage, whilst retaining a luxury that cocoons you in a mixture of precious metals. The bedroom is full of soft leather against polished metal; suede against carbon.

Bugatti+Niniette+66 interior exterior (9) Bugatti+Niniette+66 interior exterior (3)

There is of course a guest bathroom with marble accents and luxurious accessories as well as a galley kitchen including a sink, fridge/freezer, microwave and storage.

Of course you can customise the entire thing to your own specifications and myriad possibilities are available to achieve your desired level of customisation.

Bugatti+Niniette+66 interior exterior (11)

Using an accentuated centre line, perfect symmetry and a sweeping signature curve, the design of the Niniette 66 is undoubtedly a Bugatti.

Oh, and the price? Well if you need to ask then you probably can’t afford it, I mean, the Chiron, the car it’s based off is worth $2.6 million. Let’s just say that the Niniette is worth double that.

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