The Cheapest Cities to Have a Date in New Zealand

The other day I covered the most expensive cities to have a date in. Auckland ranked 8th in the world, just a tad cheaper than Hong Kong, and a little more expensive than Paris. However when we look at New Zealand as a whole Auckland isn’t even anywhere near being the most expensive.

Elitesingles calculated what an average date would cost around the world and brought us these stats. The average date, in this case, means a mid-range dinner for two, a bottle of wine, two movie tickets, and an 8km taxi ride home.

Tourist trap Queenstown would be ranked equal fourth in the world alongside Stockholm, Sweden for being the most expensive place to have a date, costing an average of $158. Relationships better be above average down there to make it worth it.

Rotorua was the cheapest place to treat your loved on, the same date was worth $119, $39 cheaper than Queenstown. This is still a dollar more expensive than the global average though. So even when we’re doing it on the cheap, there are still plenty of glamourous cities doing it cheaper.

Cost of a date in 10 Kiwi cities

  1.      Queenstown: $158
  2.      Auckland: $142
  3.      Hamilton: $140
  4.      Christchurch: $130
  5.      New Plymouth: $130
  6.      Dunedin: $129
  7.      Tauranga: $128
  8.      Wellington: $127
  9.      Palmerston North: $119
  10.      Rotorua: $119

Count your blessings though, half your wages are going to disappear after that movie and “mid-range” meal. It costs them $186 NZD to have a good time.

We’re also cheaper to eat at than the big cities that always get destroyed first in the movies. Tokyo ($176) and New York ($167) are second and third respectively and London and Hong Kong are just a tad more expensive than Auckland.

So next time you’re complaining that movie tickets cost more than a months subscription to Netflix, remember that you haven’t got it as bad as some other countries out there.

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