This Coffee Table Will Keep Your Beer Cold and Your Phone Charged

What do you really want your coffee table to do? Keep drinks off the floor, maybe hold a magazine or two. These days I’m starting to find that my mates will need a charge up on their phone. This usually leads to little enclaves forming around power points. The coffee table is slowly starting to lose its relevance as a lounge centerpiece, much like the fireplace and the TV before it. The SOBRO brings the coffee table into the 21st century though with what every product needs these days to remain relevant, usb ports.

That’s just the start though. The SOBRO, which is currently being kickstarted on indiegogo, also comes with a fridge drawer because who actually needs all that lower level space for books anyway?

It’s also inset with duel bluetooth speakers with a connective range of about 33 feet, so it can double as a subtle home stereo system, without the need of an amp, wires, and speakers everywhere. Once you’re done using and charging your laptop and phone you can store cables away in one of the many storage pockets.

Apart from it’s slick iPod Apple look it can lend added ambience with a strip of LED lighting underneath. The top of the SOBRO is made of tough tempered glass, which is easy to clean after your friends leave a bunch of coffee rings on it.

The SOBRO is going at a decent price as well, at an RRP of US$499.

When I first heard about the SOBRO I was really hoping that the surface would have some awesome surface inductive charging going on. USBs are a little disappointing, but I guess my hopes were a little high. Also it has a 3 metre long power cable, which may be a bit of a pain coiling through your lounge just to keep some beers cooled. You’d need to make sure you can keep it tucked and hidden out of the way.

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