Dragonship 25, the Luxury Trimaran You Know You Want

PI Super Yachts

Pi Super Yachts’ have just released the Dragonship 25m Luxury Sailing Trimaran designed by Gillian Gray Naval Architects.

The Dragonship range already features a much larger 80m boat, but this new smaller piece of bespoke design is more compact, with the same innovative power and ecological tech.


It may be smaller but it can host 10 guests and 4 crew for extended cruising and offer 291sqm of luxury living space.

The Dragonship 25 is ‘carbon free’, Hydrogenisis ‘Blue Box’ technology powering electric propulsion and solar PV panels on the coach roof and integrated into the Autosail wingsail. This of course means zero carbon fuels, zero emissions and nearly silent when running on full power.


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