Ed Sheeran Rankles Auzzie TV Network About How NZ Is Better at Rugby

A while we talked about how Ed Sheeran was thinking of becoming a New Zealand citizen. Over the weekend he’s gotten one step closer to acceptance after harassing Australian TV network Channel 7’s Angela Cox about how Australia just generally sucks in comparison to NZ.

“I do really really like New Zealand” he says.

“Why??” Cox says, leaning forwards.

He looks a little baffled at the intensity of how she asked. “Why are you getting uppity? Do Australians not like New Zealanders or something?” he says, turning to the film crew as Cox giggles at his reaction.

“Aw you know, we’ve got a little bit of a rivalry.” Cox admits.

“Have you?” Sheeran says smiling. “Because they’re better at rugby.” he says looking down the barrel of the camera. “I said it.”

“Ooh ow, ouch. It’s coming out swinging today.” Cox laughs.

She went on to ask him about a pounamu he was gifted, which he says he hadn’t taken off since he was given it.

“I just like New Zealand and I like Australia for different reasons,” he said. “I can’t win. But they have got a better rugby team.”

“That’s very diplomatic, that’s sounding like a politician.” Cox concluded.

“Well I can’t win can I?” he said.

Nope, you sure can’t. But thanks for representing our side so admirably.

In an earlier interview he said he’d want to move to New Zealand because it was too far away to invade.

It won’t be long till Ed visits NZ again. He’ll be hitting Mt Smart Stadium March 24th and Forsyth Barr Stadium in Dunedin five days later. Good luck booking accommodation in Dunedin though. It’s pretty much all booked out already.

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