Fire in Auckland CBD, Queen Street

A fire started on the roof of a 21 story building in the Auckland CBD on 396 Queen Street has lit up social media with images.

The first to spot the smoke were construction workers working on a metal box on the roof. They spotted it there because they were working on cutting it in half at the time.

50 to 60 firefighters are currently at the scene, which started at about 3pm.

The building is currently being converted from an office into a hotel, and the ongoing construction meant that the fire fighting system was turned off. To fight the fire the firefighters have had to run their hose up 21 stories to reach the roof.

While there are plenty of rubberneckers currently watching the fire civil defence has warned people to stay away from the scene.

It’s believed that no one has been injured and the building was already vacant, apart from the demolition crew working on it.

Mayor Phil Goff even went to Twitter to ask what’s going on as he took a photo of the scene.

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