First Ever Florentine private Collection To Be Shown In New Zealand

A collection of artwork that’s 500 years old, survived two world wars and a flood in Florence in 1966 will be making its way to New Zealand for the first time.

the exhibition The Corsini Collection: A Window on Renaissance Florence will open on Saturday 2 September 2017 at the Auckland Art Gallery. Drawn from the extensive private art collection of the eminent Corsini family in Florence, Italy, the exhibition features Renaissance and Baroque painting by artists such as Botticelli, Caravaggio, Andrea del Sarto and Pontormo. This will be the first time the artwork has gone outside of Italy.

Auckland Art Gallery Director Rhana Devenport says it is a privilege to exhibit this exceptional collection in New Zealand.

‘Our audiences will have the opportunity to experience the fascinating history of an extraordinary family, who turned their love and passion for art into a true vocation, gathering artworks that span from the fifteenth to the twentieth centuries,’ she says.

Preserved over time, these masterpieces, as well as fascinating historical objects, will demonstrate the period’s celebration of the fine and decorative arts.

The story of Florence will also be explored throughout the exhibition. Often called the cradle of the Renaissance, Florence saw a growth of independence in its political, economic and religious spheres. These developments arose from families, such as the Corsini, who strove to influence the way their city held its place within broader Italian politics.

Mary Kisler, who spent time in Italy researching the collection, says the exhibition is a perfect window on the world of Florence, both historically and today.

The Corsini Collection has many insights and stories to share about Florence. It tells of a great Italian family, of politics, of the church, of war and wealth and, of course, it tells the story of their art.’

After It’s NZ Tour it will go to the Art Gallery of Western Australia, Perth, where it will be presented from February 2018.

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