Five Movies to Watch Out For In September 2017

Dunkirk blew people away and was a surprise hit in New Zealand, but now it’s time to look forward to what September has to offer.


You know that movie still of the clown peaking out from a storm drain at a little kid? This is the reboot of that, cashing in on peoples fear of clowns once again and based on a Steven King Novel. The trailer alone for this supernatural horror has had people spooked.

Releases 7th of September

American Assassin

Dylan O’Brien and Michael Keaton star in a good old fashioned action thriller, as an american kid tries to take revenge on a terrorist cell.

Releases 14th September

Kingsman: Golden Circle

No one knew what to expect when the first Kingsman swept in from left field, jazzing up the British spy scene. Irreverent and fun Kingsman is back for round two, except this time our favourite spies are heading to America to go up against the American version of the Kingsman, the Statesman. Colin Firth defies death and is among the living again somehow, and the new lineup now includes Channing Tatum and Jeff Bridges.

Matthew Vaughn is back in the directors chair, bringing his gory style of action from the original Kingsman and Kickass back into this sequel. Expect laughs, some kick ass fight scenes as well as plenty of action.

Releases 21st September

Tommy’s Honour

Your historical drama for the month. Based on a best selling book and true story, Tommy’s Honour is about a man moving into circles above his station. Golf is a gentleman’s game, and his place is to only be a caddie, Or is it. Explosions and gunfights ensue. I’m kidding. It’s mostly stern words and the odd round of fisticuffs.

Releases 28th September


For lighthearted action (if you don’t want to have your teeth knocked out in Atomic Blonde) then there’s Ryan Reynolds and Samuel L. Jackson’s buddy action comedy.

Look out for a movie with a couple gags but mostly sold on the fact that Samuel L. Jackson can swear.

Releases 31st August


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