These Watches Let you Get Tough With Leather and Smartphone Connectivity

In the latest issue of M2 we highlighted a couple of tough as nails watches for guys who are expecting to take a couple knocks. First up is the G-Shock GSTS120L-1A series, which features all the shock and water resistance we’ve come to expect from Casio’s line.

Second is the Edifice EQB501XDB-1A which keeps the style and class of classic timepieces while simultaneously stepping into the 21st century with smartphone compatibility.

G-Shock GSTS120L-1A – Tough Leather model

From G-SHOCK come new G-STEEL model designs with ‘layer guard structure’ for outstanding shock resistance. New ‘tough leather’ combines resin with synthetic leather for a band that is water resistant, and has better wear resistance and tensile strength than leather materials of the past. Distinctive stitching adds an authentic leather look. The multi-dimensional face features large hour markers and hands that have an ivory texture. A combination of antique and modern, the subdued design of this watch recalls a vintage motorcycle or rider jacket.

The GST-S120L comes in a choice of twocolors: black and rose gold, black and mustard.

RRP: $549

Edifice EQB501XDB-1A – Series Smartphone link

Introducing a model that adds further advances to the popular EDIFICE EQB-501 Series Smartphone Link watch. The first major advance is improved accuracy thanks to an Accurate Time System that automatically accesses, via a phone, a time server on the internet four times a day to ensure that current Home Time and World Time settings are always correct.

Next is a new sporty chronograph-like design that uses the same colouring as a tachymeter for the speed indicator at 4 o’clock. These improvements come with all the popular functions of the EQB-501 Series as well.

RRP: $799

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