Heineken Just Knocked Coca-Cola From Its Top Spot

Beverage giant Coca-Cola just got dethroned from its top spot, a report from The Gunn Report for Media which was released today, finds.

The top spot in question is for the World’s Most Awarded Advertiser stretching over 40 countries. Heineken jumped five places from 2015 due to a series of amazingly clever campaigns. One of which was a fake awards event for CEOs so their subordinates could sneak out of work early to watch the UEFA Champions League.

Heineken & Coca-Cola were followed for Most Awarded Advertisers Worldwide by McDonald’s, KFC, and fifth equal Microsoft and Samsung.

My favourite campaign however came when an ardent football fan gets set up with VIP tickets to the big match. Normally he watches the game with his friends but in this case he ditches them without telling them he’s going. Eventually it gets to the point where he’s getting told off by his mates via the big screen for leaving them. You’ve gotta watch the whole thing. Normally I’m not a sucker for these sorts of sponsored pranks, but this one is great.

This win was followed by a report from Heineken stating that they had a net profit of €2,098 million, up 8.5% organically, with growth expected to continue.

Coke on the other hand saw revenue drop 5% due to “combined unfavorable impact from foreign currency and structural changes.” Funny. The currency fluctuations didn’t stop Heineken from turning a profit.

The 6 most awarded advertisers worldwide 2016

1. Heineken

2. Coca-Cola

3. McDonald’s

4. KFC

5. Microsoft

5. Samsung

Closer to home we recently took part in a few campaigns with Heineken, such as getting invited to drink Heineken Light and then immediately burning it off in a workout with Art Green, as well as being taught how to pour the perfect beer.

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