Here Are The 7 Best Cities In New Zealand To Live In

We’re always harping on about Auckland house prices but maybe it’s time to give up and go somewhere else. But where to go? Wellington is the second most highest rated city in New Zealand for quality of life according to the latest 2016 Quality Of Life Project report.

The latest report canvased over 7000 kiwis in seven cities about their life in their respective cities. Their answers helped inform the overall quality of life in each city. 81% of respondents answered positively, with their highest reasons for being happy with life being related to physical and mental health and wellbeing, relationships, and financial wellbeing. The most common reason for having a low quality of life was related to poor financial wellbeing.

Auckland rates lower than Hamilton, and is only slightly above Christchurch in terms of overall quality of life. The top spot this year belongs to Dunedin



Stress levels for residents in Auckland, Hamilton and Wellington were all equal. Poor Christchurch stood out with the highest levels of stress. No kidding. People in Christchurch also felt they had the most problematic drivers, followed by Hamilton. Although that’s not saying much, Wellington has the least concern of all the cities for trouble driving, but even 66% of respondents are still worried.

Dunedin, Otago Peninsula & Harbour, & Pacific Ocean - aerial

Since the 2014 study there’s been an overall increase in pride by residents of their cities. The majority of New Zealanders felt that they were living in a suitable area (86%) and that their home was suitable (82%) however less than half (47%) felt that their home was affordable.

In the end this hasn’t told us much we didn’t already know, other than maybe the fact we should start considering Dunedin as a great place to live.

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