Iggy Azalea Bares All In Latest Shoot

Posing for the art and fashion mag Schön! Magazine Australian rapper Iggy Azalea is baring it all.

Recently Azalea has been popping up on peoples again for the first time since her ignominious fall from social grace after landing on the wrong side of the #BlackLivesMatter debate.

Schon Magazine Iggy Azalea topless sexy pop (3)

Her new album titled Digital Distortion which may even be a reference to this time in her life is due to drop later this year. So expect to see more of her soon, although these photos don’t leave much more to be seen really.

Here’s the first single from her next album, not really my thing, but you may dig it. Or not.

Schon Magazine Iggy Azalea topless sexy pop (2)Schon Magazine Iggy Azalea topless sexy pop (1)

Update: Iggy posted on Twitter that she far prefers the unphotoshopped version of the pics, and I tend to agree!

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  1. Pete

    I hope this girl can sing ‘cuz she sure takes a lousy picture. I dunno where to start; the ridiculous outfit, or the LAYERS of clown makeup The lame tatoos are a turn off too. But maybe I’ll just say that she could have asked them to Photoshop in a smile.

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