King Kong Fire

Kong: Skull Island Has Sent Vietnam into Chaos

Kong: Skull Island is a fun movie for sure, but no one expected the fallout it would cause it Vietnam. The film itself is set at the end of the Vietnam war and has been strongly influenced by Apocalypse Now. The movie was shot and centered primarily in Vietnam, so the locals there have treated it much like we did with Lord of the Rings.

This has meant the film earned the spot of biggest opening of all time in the country, pulling in $2.5 million.

In a massive spoiler alert where reality aligns with fiction, during the premier of the film a model of Kong got set on fire due to a model volcano nearby. It caused widespread panic but fortunately there were no injuries.

The inferno is massive, but that didn’t stop a rep rep for Warner Bros in Vietnam describing the event as “a small fire at an outdoor atrium at CGV Cinema in Ho Chi Minh City during a Kong: Skull Island opening event,” I dunno, maybe fires are a lot bigger in Vietnam than over here.

It must not have phased everyone that much either cause everyone still went and watched the movie right after. “The fire was extinguished quickly and after all was deemed safe, the resiliency of Kong’s Vietnamese fans came through when they filled the theater to enjoy the film.”

Not deterred by the fiery disaster Vietnam’s culture ministry made plans to erect a “life size” model of Kong in a lake in Hanoi. In the movie Kong is 100 feet tall. The plan was rejected by local authorities who didn’t want a hollywood gorilla sitting in Hanoi’s Hoan Kiem Lake, which is home to a Vietnamese legend similiar to King Arthurs Lady of the Lake. Also the desired location for Kong is quite close to a war memorial. However, it is in a lake, which makes the model substantially harder to set on fire.

Jordan Vogt-Roberts, director of Kong: Skull Island has been brought on as the country’s Tourism Ambassador, in charge of bringing hollywood and tourists to the country.

He’s not planning on setting anything on fire at this stage but we’ll see.

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