Man Buys $10,000 Whisky Shot

An Asian Businessman at the Hotel Waldhaus am See in St. Moritz has ordered a shot from the only untasted bottle in the Hotels cellar. It was a bottle of Macallan which was first barelled in 1878 before it was bottled in 1905.

The businessman, and his group were drawn to the hotel for its prominence in the Guinness Book of Records for it’s large collection of Whisky. The Hotels bar, The Devil’s Place Whisky Bar, has 2500 different bottles and is a popular sight for whisky connoisseurs.

The shot went for $9,999 Swiss francs (or NZ$13,862), and initially the hotelier, Bernasconi, turned down the customer since the collectors value of the bottle devalues after its uncorked. Unopened the bottle was worth $50,000 francs. The hotelier then phoned his father, who had run the hotel before him for 20 years, and had never seen anyone order the 1878 before. Evidently Bernasconi senior believes that there’s no point letting good whisky go undrunk as he convinced his son to go for it.

“Opening the bottle was a risk. The customers do not pay in advance,” said Bernasconi. Then there’s the added risk that the cork might crumble into the whisky. Fortunately everything went smoothly, including the 0.66 fluid ounce shot. That’s one expensive shot!

According to  20 Minuten which broke the story the customer was amazed at how good it was, and out of curiosity Bernasconi gave it a go as well. The smell is of old cognac with port wine notes and the taste melts on the tongue, with a recognisable sherry sweets taste.

The good news is that if you wanted to have a taste of this particular bottle it just got a little closer to your reach, as it will probably start being sold at a discounted amount now that it has been opened.

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