Meet Your New Personal Flying Photographer

If you’re still using tripods and timers to take photos of yourself you’re a chump. For the low low price of NZ$899.95 you can replace all that faff with the Hover Camera Passport Drone. Named presumably due to its compact size Passport is 18.2cm by 13.2cm and is a mere 242g.


Simply unfold it, turn it on and let it go, and it’ll safely hover and be ready for action. It uses facial recognition to follow its owner and capture all of their mundane existence with delicious 4K video and 13MP photos.

You can stream the video real time via an iOS app on your iPhone or iPad. You also use the app to easily maneuver the drone around. It has various follow modes which are a must have with these sorts of drones including “360 Spin”, a 360-degree panoramic video; or “Body-Tracking”, which keeps your full body in the frame as you’re filming a run or walk.

Since all the moving parts are encaged, you can fly the drone indoors knowing it won’t maim children or animals.


It comes with a built in 32gb of memory, and to download 4k video you will require a Micro-B to USB 3.0 cable, which doesn’t come with the initial package. The pack includes the drone, two batteries (so you have a spare one to quickly swap out), charger, and a charging adapter.

While its specs don’t stand out much from similiar options, it’s sleek form factor and design make it a cool choice for people that want to film everything they do.



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