Meet Your New Personal Helper And Baggage Handler

Meet GITA, a robot baggage handler, sherpa, and personal assistant. Standing at 26 inches tall this light vehicle that can carry about 18kg. Handy for if you’re walking distance from your local supermarket.

GITA means ‘short journey’ in Italian. Gita is able either to navigate high-density urban spaces while following people or to move autonomously along pathways that it has already traveled. It’s an everyday assistant designed to help people walk, run, pedal and skate their way more freely and productively through life.

Here in Auckland we can’t really imagine a walking society, what with how everything is so spread out and our infrastructure is overridingly car-centric, but the team who designed it, Piaggio, imagine a more walking based society, and this is the first step in facilitating that.

“Where others see self-driving cars and driverless panel vans, we at Piaggio Fast Forward imagine cities filled with people and land-drones.” the team said. “We solve the complicated puzzle of urban space at the granular rather than the automotive scale. By applying today’s navigation technologies to nimble, lightweight vehicles navigating sidewalks and narrow streets, we bring back the joy of walking and riding freely to urban cityscapes.”

You can teach Gita the way to your regular haunts, as it remembers where it has been, and can handle any variables such as people in cars that may appear along that route.


At walking pace Gita can keep up for up to 8 hours on its battery, enough for a day out. Its main mode is set to follow you, but it can also move in convoys with other Gita’s, meaning you could have an entire herd following you around.


The Gida can operate on any surface you can expect a bike can. Uneven surfaces are fine, and it can make use of disabled ramps. Stairs may prove somewhat of a challenge though.

Gita-Android-elevator-glow Sherpa-android-robot-real-packed

It can blitz up to speeds of 35kph, meaning it’s going to keep up with your on foot pace pretty easy, even urban cycling!

The main interior of the Gita has a storage space of 2,000 cubic inches. About two loaded shopping bags of space.


So will we see these things on the streets any time soon? I’m not sure, the cynic in me doesn’t think so. But it’s definitely a cool concept.

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