Meet Weatherpoint, Your Keychain Weather Station

Weatherpoint has gone through several design and aesthetic changes since it was first announced on Kickstarter, but it’s base features remain intact. Essentially Weatherpoint is a peripheral you plug into your phones auxiliary jack to receive realtime measurements of temperature, humidity, UV, atmospheric pressure and ambient light to your mobile device without a battery or internet connection.

This is particularly handy for people out of cell reception that need weather information ASAP, such as hunters and hikers. The beauty of the Weatherpoint is that it’s heavy duty and can easily be transported on your keychain, meaning it’ll always be around when you need it most.

Weatherpoint Gadget (1)

For iPhone users that have moved into a world devoid of aux ports, don’t worry it works easily enough with the light port adapter.

Other applications of the Weatherpoint include a built-in light measuring sensor with added light meter options. This information can be used to measure and set lights at your home, office, store, lab, factory, greenhouse, etc. This information could prove useful for photographers and videographers and could aid in making perfect images or videos.

The Weatherpoint is currently undergoing its third revision, and kickstarter backers have been waiting since last year for the arrival of their Weatherpoints. Unfortunately it seems like it will be one of those devices that will be undergoing plenty of changes before it’ll reach the greedy hands of consumers.

Weatherpoint Gadget (2)

On the bright side it means that they’ll probably pack it full of even more features when it’s released! One day.

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