People Are Now Making Pools Out of Shipping Containers

The average lifespan of a shipping container is about 7 to 12 years before it’s deprecated and replaced. In total we have 17 million shipping containers circulating worldwide, with 6 million of those currently in use. Right now we have enough shipping containers to replace every single person in New Zealand three times. Sure they’re productivity is somewhat lower than a humans, but we can do it!

So what are we going to do with them all? Well we’ve found a bunch of uses so far, from prisons (which the New Zealand public once deemed inhumane) to luxury batches (to which the New Zealand public reckons is a pretty neato idea).

Container Swimming Pool

A new trend is starting to crop up now though which may see a shipping container in every single persons backyard. Enterprising companies are creating ready made swimming pools out of them. You can inset it into the ground or have it at ground level with a deck surrounding it, for optimal sunbathing.

Scouting around online New Zealand businesses are already getting in on the action. The cheapest pool option (there’s a cheaper duel spa option) goes for $31,995 and offers 6 metres of length and 2.45 metres in width.

Container pool

Where it gets really awesome though is Container Pools NZ’s “Entertainer”, which is 12 metres of length total which has a deck lounging area, a pool, and a spa, for when you just want to chill out and relax after work.

A regular shipping container is about 8 feet high, but you can get the depth customised to your requirements.

The benefit of the container pools which aren’t inset into the ground is the fact they’re tall enough to be out of harms way for kids. You can also be assured that these things can take a beating. They’re shipping containers after all!

As you can see, shipping containers don’t make your backyard look like an industrial scrapyard when done right!

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