For The Price Of Five Auckland Homes You Can Buy An Entire Timber Town in Oregon

If you have a handy NZ$5 million then you could be the proud owner of Tiller, a little lumber town in Oregon.

As an unincorporated community in Douglas County the little town is located along Oregon Route 227 in the Umpqua National Forest. Tiller sits along the banks of the South Umpqua River which flows alongside it. The lot includes both sides of the river for a mile.

The town has been put up for sale on landleader the description states that “This 256.60 acre, 29 parcel highway and riverfront package consists of rural commercial, industrial, residential, agricultural, farm forest and timber resource zonings. Crucial water rights and existing infrastructure present endless possibilities. Incorporate the community and create rare opportunities not found anywhere else. Douglas County is eager to see the south county’s inventory of commercial, industrial and natural resource zonings prosper.”

Only two lots aren’t for sale as they belong to the former teacher who used to teach at the school that’s for sale, and the pastor for the local church.

The surrounding area has about 250 inhabitants. Tiller used to be a bustling timber town, until the mill shut down. Workers filtered out of the town, and the current owner bought the homes and facilities as they were vacated.

Developers may be interested in the town as it’s been approved for a 13-acre subdivision. The town originally went on sale in 2015, but without the inclusion of the school.

The town would make the perfect location for a cult, with a comfortable distance from civilization, only 362km drive from Portland. The reduced price has led to calls from Chinese investors to people interested in using the site for hemp growing facilities.

The weather in the area is considered mild all year round, and for people wanting to get involved with the wild there are plenty of opportunities for bush walking and kayaking.

If you’re interested you can contact the owners here.

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