Racing League Has Just Built the Fastest Ever Drone

We first wrote about the Drone Racing League way back in January 2016. Since then they’ve been signed up with the likes of ESPN and have fully fledged tournaments. Their presentation is slick, sexy, and bad ass.

Most of the drones I cover are nothing more than gimmicky floaty selfie cams for home hobbyists and Instagrammers. What we have here today though is literally in a league of its own.

The Drone Racing League along with its set of engineers have just broken a Guinness World Record for the fastest ground speed by a battery-powered remote-controlled quadcopter. It’s quite a specific record, but you know how these things are.

The record breaking drone is the DRL RacerX which smashed the record by going at a never-before-seen top speed of 289.03 km/h. We’ve listed the exact specs of the drone at the bottom of the post, but the lightweight 800 grams drone managed to pull 46,000 RPMs.

The road to victory wasn’t a smooth one though. Earlier prototypes had caught fire while maxing out the acceleration due to the amount of power applied.

In order to set the Guinness World Record achievement, the drone needed to fly back and forth across a measurement course of 100m, with the official record set as the average of the top speed achieved on each of those flights. Therefore, the official speed measured for the Guinness World Record title is 263.1 km/h.

“We’re thrilled to put our proprietary technology to the test, as we’re all about speed and pushing the limits of drone design here at DRL,” said Nicholas Horbaczewski, DRL CEO/Founder. “The record-setting RacerX represents the culmination of years of technological innovation by our team of world class engineers, and we’re very excited to unveil the fastest racing drone on earth.”

  • 46,000 RPMs
  • 10S (42V) Powertrain
  • BeeRotor 80A (10S) ESCs / BLHeli with Multishot
  • TMotor F80 2407 2500kv
  • 1300mah 2 x 5S R-Line Tattu Lithium Polymer Batteries
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