Samsung Has Released a Limited Edition Black Pearl Galaxy S7 Edge

Samsung Electronics New Zealand today announced a limited edition colour to the Galaxy S7 edge range: Black Pearl.

05_SM-G935_BlackPearl_black_Standard_Online_PDesigned to be modern and striking, the sleek black finish blankets the entire device – edges and all – and adds depth to its glass design. The result is a stylish all-black aesthetic that capture the essence of the colour in its purest form.

The new variant gives users plenty of space to work with, as the glossy new colour is available exclusively in a 128GB* memory configuration. For those who need even more storage, the device will be bundled with a 256GB SD card as a limited offer until April.

We played with the S7 back when it first came out and our reviewer Michael Toon was pretty rapped with it’s performance.

“The camera is just crazy crazy good. Even though the mega pixels are down from last year the speed of focus and the low light performance makes this a must buy if your phone is your main camera. Those 12 mega pixels work over time. The photos even look great taken under water! It literally blows away all other cameras on other phones. In fact this blows away other phones in everything.”

Later on Nile had a shot with it as well, even taking a video of the Rolls Royce we had at the time.

“Samsung made a bit of a bold move on their S7 range, in terms of the camera. The last generation had a 16MP camera, while the S7/Edge both have a new, 12MP unit. This might look like a downgrade on paper, but the pixels are bigger compared to the older phones. This should allow for better low-light performance and, paired with the standard generational improvements to sensor quality, should result in some stunning photos.”

The Galaxy S7 edge works as a high end mobile experience that features an enhanced design, higher quality camera, streamlined software functionality and connectivity to the Galaxy ecosystem.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is available in Black Pearl (RRP $1,599.00) at Spark, 2 Degrees, Samsung’s online store and selected retailers.

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