This Self Help Book Is Being Sold For $1 Million

So you can get a regular softcover copy of “Right Now!: Why Not You and Why Not Now?” The self-improvement book by Australian motivational speaker Brett Campbell for $16.95. OR you could buy the “platinum” edition, of which there’s only one copy, for $1 Million.

I feel like the sort of person who can afford a $1 million dollar book wouldn’t need any more improvement, but apparently it can “help you harness your true potential and drive it towards true quality of life”. Money can’t buy happiness I guess. I mean, it can buy Brett Campbell happiness I’m sure as he goes laughing his way to the bank.

To be fair, the book is a red herring. Along with the book Brett will invite the purchaser on a year-long adventure to experience the lifestyle that’s possible by implementing the lessons in Right Now!

This includes such bonuses as:

  • 1 autographed “platinum edition” of “Right Now!”
  • 12 months luxury mansion rental (Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia)
    12 months full immersion, private 1-on-1 coaching with Brett
  • 12 months private personal trainer
  • 12 months private chef
  • 12 months luxury car rental (*Ferrari, Lamborghini or similar)
  • 12 months private masseuse
  • 5 custom made Italian suits
  • The ultimate Bali immersion escape for 2 (5 nights in Bali)
  • Professionally directed, produced, filmed documentary of the entire process for personal or public viewing
  • And much more, whatever that might entail…


Campbell, inspired by the loss of a dear friend, says the book provides a haven for those ready and willing to take potential and convert it into action. He understands the importance of each person taking control of their own power and using it to build the energy needed to transform ordinary into exceptional and dreams into reality.

The process, broken down, shows readers how to Discover their vision, Design their path, Develop skill sets, and finally Deliver their aforementioned dreams into the aforementioned reality.

In this case the dream is spending your $1 million for you on Italian suits, Ferrari rentals and private chefs.

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