The Stats Behind the Pokemon Go App Are Completely Insane

Niantic quietly released Pokemon Go in Australia and New Zealand on July 6th with zero fanfare and was shortly followed by the US release onto the android and iOS app stores. They didn’t need any advertising. Verdant fans announced the game themselves, and the servers Niantic had set up were quickly crushed by the sheer load of people trying to play the game.

It was so bad that amazon even publicly reached out to Niantic to help with the server load.

Further rollouts to other countries were stalled until the servers were in a state capable of dealing with them. For New Zealand at least the servers are managing to bear the load.

Now that things seem to be running a lot smoother now we can start getting a look at the digital landscape in a post Pokemon Go release world.

It’s a no brainer that it shot to the top of the app store but in the real world Nintendo stocks have jumped 10% giving them a market value of about $23 billion.

edit: Since posting this Nintendo’s stocks have now gone up by 21.76%, the best they’ve ever been since 1983.

Pokemon Go Vs twitter

According to data by Digital Vision two days after the release Pokemon Go was already installed on 5.16% of all Android phones in the US, already double Tinder’s downloads.

In terms of daily users Pokemon Go will soon be outperforming Twitter.

The app also eats up more time than even the most popular messaging apps like Whatsapp and Instagram. This may be a side effect of not being able to lock your phone if you want to be available to recieve alerts about catchable Pokemon.


Pokemon fans that are outside of the release regions are turning to download APK files, which allow them to bypass the store to get the game on their phones. According to Similiar Web traffic to “apkmirror.com absolutely exploded, increasing from just over 600,000 visits on July 5th to over 4 million visits on July 6th.”

Watch out though, It has been reported that malware has been placed onto some APKs.

It is recommended that if you start playing you should join Team Instinct, they’re the yellow ones.

Edit 13/7/16: It’s official, Pokemon Go is now the most popular game in mobile history in only five days, even more popular than candy crush, according to Survey Monkey. This is incredible.

POkemon Go Most Popular app in History

Not only that, it looks like it could soon overtake Google Maps and Snapchat in popularity!

Pokemon Go Outpacing apps

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