In a Stunning Twist of Irony, NZ First Makes Its T-Shirts in China

In perhaps the most amusing local news story of the day, it was revealed in some cutting edge investigative journalism (by just looking at the tag on the T-shirt) that NZ First makes its T-Shirts in China. This in itself isn’t unusual, except Winston Peters rails against this sort of thing on a regular basis.

The embarrassing slip up was publicized by Tim Murphy, Editor at via his personal Twitter account. “No surprises here – but the New Zealand First party’s T-shirt on sale at its conference for $20 is…. Made in China.” He tweeted, along with two photos of the shirt itself, one of a closeup of the tag.

On its site, NZ First has a policy edict to “introduce a government procurement policy that gives preference for New Zealand firms.”

Like they always say, government procurement policies always start at the home.

On the immigration page they also specifiy that Kiwi workers should be “at the front of the job queue.” Winston Peters has denied any knowledge of where the T-shirts were made. On The AM Show on Monday he stated that he was “at the front of the aeroplane trying to drive it”.

“I’m not at the back sorting out what goes on the toilets and cleaning up the kitchens, right? If somebody’s selling a product, I’ve got no idea what the product is.”

Comparing the T-shirts for his party with things that go in a toilet while attempting to fly an aeroplane does not fill one with much confidence.

John Hart, Wairarapa candidate for the Greens, saw a ripe opportunity to sell some merchandise and tweeted back an image of their T-Shirts, which are made in New Zealand.

Unfortunately, the designs on both are pretty garbage, so you won’t see me wearing either of them anytime soon.

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