The 6 Most Disappointing Places On Earth According to People Who Regret Going There

Before setting off on your OE, do a little research and figure out which places are best avoided. And don’t just do a google image search either! It’ll be flooded with over saturated professional photography of a place that’s actually a piece of garbage. Just behind that photographer is probably a huge mound of the stuff!


Don’t believe that just because they filmed a black and white movie there about some romance or something that it’s going to be any good. It’s been described as “The least-interesting place in a fascinating country.”

It’s a dump and pretty much anywhere else in Morocco is more worthy of your time.



Capital of the Maldives. Once again this is a shining example of a single city that doesn’t appropriately represent the rest of the country, which is absolutely beautiful. The place is cramped beyond belief. Does look amazing from above though!

Sentosa Beach


Dressed up to look really nice with one of the biggest malls in the world nearby Singapore really let this one go to the dogs. Dead fish on the beach, overly expensive stores, and oil tankers floating around in the bay make this perhaps the most joyless beach you’ll ever find.

Daytona Beach, Florida

My favourite description so far for this place is “It looked like a diseased husk of its former tourist trap self”. Everything’s run down and closed, and you don’t want to go there at night, as the nightlife is mostly just young kids with nothing to do but pick a fight with you.



It’s the capital of Tunisia, and if there’s one thing we’re learning about these places it’s “stick to the resorts because the capitals are terrible”. We’ve got reports of people getting food poisoning, and the place just in general being a pile of rubbish.

The Pyramids

Anyone who’s been there will be shocked when they find out that the pyramids aren’t as romantic and desolate as they at first appear. Right behind all those shots of them standing majestically in the desert are slums and people hassling you to buy their stuff. Not only that but garbage is everywhere, Karl Pilkington had it right about the place.

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