Three Hotels You Can Stay At That Inspired Blockbuster Horror Films (Plus 2 That Are Just Plain Freaky)

Guests in these hotels always share a room—even if they’re staying alone. It doesn’t take much for a hotel to gain a reputation, a few unexplained deaths, a bump in the night, and boom. Stephen King is pumping out best sellers based on it.

Stanley Hotel


The Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, CO was the inspiration for Stephen King’s famous novel The Shining. In 1973, King and his wife checked into the hotel for a one night stay as the only guests on the property. Some of the hotel’s eternal guests include owners F.O and Flora Stanley with reports that you can hear Flora playing the piano from the hotel’s music room. Rooms from $237 per night.*

Hotel Del Coronado


Hotel Del Coronado, which was established in 1888, served as the famous setting of the Marilyn Monroe film, Some Like It Hot. The other famous leading lady of the hotel is the resident ghost, Kate Morgan. Her third-floor guestroom is one of the most requested rooms for visitors hoping for a sighting or ghostly encounter. However, Kate’s been known to frequent the hotel gift shop. Rooms from $309 per night.*

Stay on Main


Stay on Main in Los Angeles, CA, formerly known as Cecil Hotel, served as the inspiration for horror television series American Horror Story: Hotel after strange video footage led to the disappearance and death of a young girl in 2013. Cecil Hotel was also once home to infamous serial killers Richard Ramirez and Jack Unterweger. The hotel has also been the site of a number of strange deaths. Rooms from $55 per night.*

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