These Are The Most Trustworthy Brands In The World

This is perhaps the most oddball list of brands I’ve ever shared. The Reputation Institute released the latest rankings in its Global RepTrak 100 rankings recently, and the list comprises a wide range of companies that all operate in different market sectors.

The brands stretch across high end cars and watches, entertainment companies and even childrens toys. A few tech companies also make it into the running.

The Research Institute believes these brands are  the best regarded by stakeholders and are the most likely to elicit willingness from consumers to purchase a company’s products, recommend the brand, invest in or even work for the company.

The data is built out of over 170,000 collected in the first quarter of 2017. RI’s RepTrak System measures the general public’s perception of the world’s top companies on seven key rational dimensions of reputation: products and services, innovation, workplace, governance, citizenship, leadership and performance.

Infographic: The Most Reputable Companies Worldwide | Statista

Rolex, the 112 watch brand that started its life in London before moving to the much more reputable (for watches) Switzerland came out on top with a score of 80.38. This was the only brand this year to recieve an “excellent” reputation score of 80 or higher. A RepTrak Pulse score of 70-79 is considered “Strong,” while 60-69 is “Average.” None of the top ten brands scored below 77.

Right next to Rolex is Lego, from Denmark. The brand has in recent years branched into gaming, where it’s made fun family oriented games while retaining its signature Lego block look. This success has been mirrored by their growth into movies, of which the second is releasing soon.

The entertainment giant Walt Disney heads up in third place. It has had a strong showing recently rebooting its animated classics for a modern audience, without crapping all over the source material. It’s live action Beauty & The Beast is releasing this week. Controversy surrounding a gay character has polarised fans between those who believe sexualisation shouldn’t occur in a kids film about a woman falling in love with a wildebeest and those who believe that being exposed to this is good for kids. Disney didn’t back down from removing the polarising scene.

According to the survey “Regarding specific stakeholder expectations, respondents identified Rolex as the global leader in products and services, and LEGO Group as best in governance. While Google was perceived as leading in 5 dimensions: innovation, workplace, citizenship, leadership and performance.”

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