Partying With Burger Fuel & Trying Out Their USAye Burger

Burger Fuel has recently been expanding into the states, this has lead to curious Americans asking questions like “what is aoli” and the definition of sweet potatoes and Kumara. All I can say to any curious Americans is that they’re all amazing things that you should try immediately.


On Tuesday night we got invited down to Burger Fuels offices in Grey Lynn to celebrate the 4th of July with plenty of Budweiser, beer pong, general rowdiness and rum cocktails/punch(?). I’m not sure if the rum thing is really an Independence Day thing or not but I was in no position to question it.

Music was provided by a live band and a Radio BurgerFuel DJ setup.

There was of course the burger rolling fresh out of the kitchen. It’s a bulky beast of a burger with the usual 100% pure grass fed NZ beef, smashed juicy, tasty bacon and classic New Zealand cheddar. The star of the show is a hash brown slotted into the middle along with American Mustard. The NZ cheddar hogs the flavour spotlight, because that’s just how cheese do.


It’s a hefty burger and I was full afterwards, but that’s par of the course for Burger Fuel.

I was surprised to find my boss had no idea what Beer Pong was, and he didn’t seem impressed by the idea of balls getting chucked into perfectly good beer.


Rebekah Banks & Sophie Chung, M2woman Beauty Editor

The new Burger Fuel in the states has opened in a great location in Broad Ripple (think Ponsonby), a suburb filled with bars, clubs, eateries as well as four universities.

BurgerFuel CEO, Josef Roberts comments; “While it’s been an epic challenge to open our first BurgerFuel store in the USA, we’ve done it. After ending our partnership with Franchise Brands following the passing of Fred de Luca, we decided to go it alone and open our first USA based store independently”.

“Like any store we open, you never know how it’s going to go until you swing the doors and start trading but we feel confident in the way that we have birthed the brand in the USA as well as all the resource and support we have provided for this historic opening”.

You can have a chance to check out their new location when you try the USAye yourself, as Burger Fuel is giving away trips to the USA as part of their promo.

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