These Are the Most Underrated and Overrated Characters on Game of Thrones

The premier for the latest Game of Thrones season is hard on our heals. No doubt plenty of you are buying snacks for a viewing party tonight as well. So since we’re not in the game of going into spoilers of what to expect this season, let’s whittle away the hours till the show drops with some big data.

Using data crunched off Reddit Brandwatch, a social intelligence company, has found some interesting statistics regarding everyone’s favourite show.

Jon Snow, who everyone thought was a gonner in the last season when literally everyone stabbed him for being a goodie good, is the subs favourite character. This is followed by Jamie Lannister who everyone agrees has had one of the coolest character arcs in the entire show. Talking about character arcs, the sudden turnaround by Sansa Stark, who went from damsel in distress to vamp chick in the space of one scene also made the top list.

Onto the most underrated characters. Meera Reed, who had to put up with a flaked out Bran for far too long didn’t get the screen time she deserved. Lord Varys, who’s saved more people than he even realizes also made the top of the list. Sansa also makes this list as well, although since she’s a massive fan favourite it doesn’t seem to make a whole lot of sense that she’d be underrated. She’s loved for her realism.

Let’s just hold up a minute here on the Sansa thing. I think not telling Jon Snow she was bringing an army with her at the end of last season was a real dick move. Who does she think she is? Gandalf the White?


Onto the most overrated department of characters. The Mountain, who once popped a guys head with his bare hands, made the top of the list for being nothing but a, well, mountain.

It looks like everyone across the sea get chucked into a big basket of hate together. The Dothraki have failed to prove themselves to the viewers, and Daenerys dicking around with slaves for who knows how many seasons has taken the shine off her somewhat. She might be the mother of dragons, but damn, George R.R. Martin needs stop leaving his deus ex’s lying around picking their noses in plain sight for so long.

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