Watercare Releases Figures on How Much Water Auckland Is Saving Plus Aerial Footage Of The Dams Current State

The storm over the weekend left some unexpected fallout when Watercare issued a warning to people to bring down water consumption due to silt in the water.

Water consumption was 415 million litres yesterday – this is six million litres more than Tuesday.


“While we missed the target yesterday, we are confident that Aucklanders are making a concerted effort to reduce their water use. At this time of year, we would expect demand to be a lot higher. For example, on Wednesday 1 March the city used 444 million litres – substantially more than it used yesterday,” says Raveen Jaduram, Watercare chief executive.

“We are continuing to do everything we can to increase production at the Ardmore Water Treatment Plant and if Aucklanders continue to reduce their water consumption, together we will avoid a boil water notice,” he says.

If Aucklanders continue to reduce their water consumption, together we will avoid a boil water notice

Service stations have turned off their car wash operations as part of the community effort to reduce water usage.

Over the weekend our water usage went well below the threshold, but jumped up again over Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. It’s unknown how long we need to maintain the restrictions for.

A video posted by Watercare two hours ago also shows how the aerial footage of the dams and how their clarity is going currently.

The region’s largest water treatment plant, based in  Ardmore, remains under pressure. Water clarity at Ardmore is still 100 times worse than it should be.

Restrictions in the Hauraki District have been lifted but Aucklanders from as northern as Waiwera and as far south as Pukekohe have been asked to cut water usage by 20 litres per person, per day. So no wasteful stuff like washing your cars or watering the garden for a bit, huh?

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