Take the Hassle out of eCommerce and Maximise Your Customer Base

If you’re taking payments online, you know what a hassle online retail can be. Most New Zealand businesses don’t bother with their own e-commerce site because it’s just too hard to set up, too hard to manage and too expensive to run.

Now Paymark, the digital payments company that runs the EFTPOS terminals, has a solution. It’s called Click and it lets you build an online e-commerce system that takes all major credit and debit cards.

Because Paymark runs the EFTPOS network, Click is the only e-commerce gateway that enables Online EFTPOS in New Zealand.  Online EFTPOS means customers with ASB (and more banks in the future) can buy products on your site using their smartphones and ASB’s mobile app. It’s smart, fast and secure and opens up your business to a whole new realm of customers – those who don’t have debit or credit cards.

Most e-commerce platforms demand that you estimate how many transactions you’ll process in a month. Go over that amount and you pay a lot more per transaction. Go under that level and you’re throwing your money away on transactions you’ve never used.

Paymark does things differently and bills for Click based on the number of transactions you took during the previous month. Simple. And with plans starting from $19 a month for up to 50 transactions, you don’t have to break the bank to get started.

Click integrates with all major web development platforms so no matter what system you use, we’ll make sure your transactions and payments are fast and secure.

Best of all, with no minimum contract, you can walk away at any point without incurring penalties. Paymark knows that for a small business thinking about making the leap into e-commerce, the thought of such penalties can be a huge impediment. Now you don’t have to worry.

Click is available today and businesses who want to know more can find out at and even sign up online too.

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