This Is What Happens When One of the World’s Biggest Beer Brands Organizes A Cruise

When you hear the word ‘cruise’, you may immediately think of a middle-aged white man with a severe tan and a gold chain… Erase that thought, put your thing down, flip it and reverse it because when a multi-billion dollar beer company hosts a ‘cruise’, it’s nothing short of the ordinary.

It’s a money-can’t buy, invite-only event for super important people… but, if you think you deserve a getaway from your awful daily grind and you fancy yourself a funny fella, click here for details on how to enter. You’re welcome.

They ain’t hosting your average post-retirement sun-baking cruise – Heineken is hosting a luxury boat cruise in the Greek Islands that will forever live up to their slogan. It’s a party that’s going to ‘Open your World,’ or better said, blow the bejesus out of your minds.

On the first leg of the trip, we’ll be stopping by at the Heineken brewery in Amsterdam and bar-hopping around the town – after all, it’s the only way to properly explore a European city, especially Amsterdam.

The second leg of the trip involves an insanely excessive glitz and glamour two-day luxury boat cruise where we watch the UEFA Finals and party ’til the A.M. like Flo Rida’s main hit song ‘In the Ayer.’ We then sail away to Mykonos and seeing as there’s only one activity to do in Mykonos – partying – we’ll be pre-partying, partying and then after-partying from the early arvo until God knows when.

Based off last year’s Ibiza party where people are doing all kinds of flips and tricks on various manly water-gadgets, this year’s Greek Islands cruise is going to be one epic lifetime experience to remember. I’ve already packed my Vitamin B and C tablets with alarms set at regular intervals to make sure I’m well-hydrated and truly prepared to go hard – because I’m not going home.

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