This Is The Simple Solution For Optimising Your Website For Sales

What ever your business and your goals, it is likely you have a website that helps support this. Maybe it is a building company and you want to show off your services or maybe you offer advice for getting on the property ladder, all small business want a high conversion rate optimisation.

There is always room for improvement and higher efficiency, and if you are looking to increase this and in turn have more people complete your desired action there are numerous things you can do.

UmbrellarNew Zealands largest domain name registrar and web-hosting company, have four tips of the trade that they have shared in a free eBook that tells us all about Conversion Rate Optimisation and the areas you can optimise, such as your call to action.

  1. Call to action. Where you place your call-to-action on your webpage can have a significant impact on conversions rates. Despite common ‘wisdom’ that your call to action should be above the fold (the immediately visible portion of you web page) as this attracts 80% of a customer’s attention, it’s not always true that this will deliver the best results.

Get the free eBook and find out other ways you can optimise your webpage by clicking here.

The eBook also provides you with a framework for CRO and explains the different types of tests, the structure of a successful landing page and the impact of site speed. It shows you how to identify what you need to adjust in order to optimise your business and even throws in 7 tips to improve your page load speed as well as other tools of the trade!


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