Are You Brave Enough To Face Your Biggest Fear?

I hate snakes and by hate I mean the second I see one on a TV screen I have to look away. Their beady eyes, flailing tongue and their slithering body ties my stomach in the most uncomfortable knot.

There are many people who feel the same, whether it is about snakes, spiders, diving, heights or getting a prostate check – we all have something that we fear.

The latter is a fear that men cannot afford to avoid, 600 Kiwi men are killed every year by prostate cancer.

This Blue September men are urged to get checked and face their fear. Once you have booked your doctors appointment check out Blue September Face Your Fear campaign.

Ambassadors like Monty Betham, Mark Hadlow, Mike Puru, Cuck Shelford and Sir Peter Leitch are going to face their fears during September with proceeds going toward the Prostate Cancer Foundation.

The reason these guys and gals are facing their fear is to knock money off a  brand new Mazda3 GSX worth $35,595. The car will be auctioned on September 26, with the proceeds donated to the Prostate Cancer Foundation.

With more donations the reserve will get to ZERO.

Think you could raise more than these guys? Sign up, it’s not too late.

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