This Is The Gift To Get The Car Lover In Your Life Who Already Has Everything

There is nothing I can think of that is worse than Christmas shopping. All the people stressing out about what to get Great-Aunt Sylvia’s cat, while meandering through the mall wasting your time.

Thankfully we have something you can get the car lover (or anyone) in your life who already has everything, without having to leave your couch!

Rapid Dry Towels are designed in New Zealand by a car owner obsessed with speeding up the car drying process. Unable to find a suitable product for his own car he decided to make one. The towels are microfibre, beach towel sized, won’t scratch, incredibly absorbent and can be machine washed and dried.

Rapid Dry Towels launched in October to coincide with Targa New Zealand. Racing Ray Williams got hold of one and dried his New Zealand Land Speed Record holding Porsche in an impressive 1 minute 38 seconds.

Available for Christmas at $49.95 with next day delivery at

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